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Voting System Standards

The following documents are part of Agenda Documents Numbers 01-62 and 01-62a on the agenda for consideration at the November 13, 2001, meeting of the Federal Election Commission. For current consolidated versions of these Voting System Standards go here.

The documents labeled [PDF] are in Adobe Acrobat file format; a free reader is available from Adobe Systems.

Agenda Document 01-62

Cover Memo [HTML] [PDF]
Federal Register Notice [HTML] [PDF]
Overview [HTML] [PDF]
NASED Voting Systems Board [HTML] [PDF]
Volume I, Performance Standards
Section 1 - Introduction [HTML] [PDF]
Section 2 - Functional Capabilities [HTML] [PDF]
Section 3 - Hardware [HTML] [PDF]
Section 4 - Software [HTML] [PDF]
Section 5 - Telecommunications [HTML] [PDF]
Section 6 - Security [HTML] [PDF]
Section 7 - Quality Assurance [HTML] [PDF]
Section 8 - Configuration Management [HTML] [PDF]
Section 9 - Overview of Qualification Testing [HTML] [PDF]
Appendix A - Glossary [HTML] [PDF]
Appendix B - Applicable Documents [HTML] [PDF]
Volume II, Testing Standards
Section 1 - Introduction [HTML] [PDF]
Section 2 - Technical Data Package [HTML] [PDF]
Section 3 - Functionality Testing [HTML] [PDF]
Section 4 - Hardware Testing [HTML] [PDF]
Section 5 - Software Testing [HTML] [PDF]
Section 6 - System Integration Testing [HTML] [PDF]
Section 7 - CM & QA Testing [HTML] [PDF]
Appendix A - Qualification Test Plan [HTML] [PDF]
Appendix B - Qualification Test Report [HTML] [PDF]
Appendix C - Qualification Test Design Criteria [HTML] [PDF]

Agenda Document 01-62a

Cover Memo [HTML] [PDF]
Federal Register Notice [HTML] [PDF]
Overview Sections 6 and 7 [HTML] [PDF]