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Kevin Salley
Director Equal Employment Opportunity and Programs Lorna Baptiste-Jones Director of Procurement Adam Liu
Acting Director of Accounting Gilbert Ford
Director of Budget Kevin Deeley Acting Associate General Counsel Litigation Vacant Deputy Inspector General Adav Noti
 Acting Associate General Counsel Policy Daniel A. Petalas Associate General Counsel Enforcement Vacant
Deputy Staff Director Chief Communications Officer Patricia C. Orrock
Deputy Staff Director Chief Compliance Officer Judy Berning
Acting Chief Financial Officer Edward W. Holder
Acting Deputy Staff Director and Management & Admin. Lisa J. Stevenson
Deputy General Counsel - Law Gregory R. Baker
Deputy General Counsel - Administration Lynne A. McFarland Inspector General Vacant, General Counsel The Commissioners Alec Palmer Staff Director Alec Palmer Chief Information Officer

1 The position of Chief Information Officer normally reports directly to the Staff Director who, in turn, reports to the Commission itself. At present, however, the same individual is serving in both the position of the Staff Director and the position of the Chief Information Officer, pursuant to an authorization by the Commission and based, in part, on an advance decision from the Comptroller General. Accordingly, the organizational chart reflects both positions the Staff Director and the Chief Information Officer as reporting directly to the Commission.

2 The Director for Equal Employment Opportunity reports to the Staff Director on administrative issues but has direct reporting authority to the Commission on all EEO matters. See 29 CFR 1614.102(b)(4).