DATE: October 18, 1996
SOURCE: State Elections Offices

   Birrenbach     Browne     Clinton     Collins     Crane     Dodge     Dole       
AL                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
AK                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
AZ                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
AR                X(LBT)       X(D)       X(UIP)                X(P)     X(R)       
CA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
CO                X(LBT)       X(D)       X(I)                  X(CP)    X(R)       
CT                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
DE                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
DC                X(LBT        X(D)                                      X(R)       
FL                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
GA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
HI                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
ID                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
IL                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
IN                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
IA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
KS                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
KY                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
LA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
ME                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
MD                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
MA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
MI                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
MN   X(IGR)       X(LBT)       X(DFL)                                    X(R)       
MS                X(LBT)       X(D)       X(I)                           X(R)       
MO                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
MT                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
NE                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
NV                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
NH                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
NJ                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
NM                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
NY                X(LBT)       X(D/L)                                    X(R/C/FRE) 
NC                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
ND                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
OH                X(I)         X(D)                                      X(R)       
OK                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
OR                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
PA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
RI                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
SC                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
SD                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
TN                X(I)         X(D)       X(I)                  X(I)     X(R)       
TX                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
UT                X(LBT)       X(D)                   X(I)      X(P)     X(R)       
VT                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
VA                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
WA                X(LBT)       X(D)       X(I)                           X(R)       
WV                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
WI                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
WY                X(LBT)       X(D)                                      X(R)       
Total:  1           51          51         5          1          4        51        

   Feinland     Forbes    Hagelin     Harris     Hollis     Masters     Michael    
AL                         X(NL)       X(I)                                         
AK                         X(NL)                                                    
AR              X(AF)      X(NL)                 X(SAR)      X(LB)                  
CA  X(PFP)                 X(NL)                                                    
CO                         X(NL)       X(SWC)    X(SOC)                             
CT                         X(NL)                                                    
DE                         X(NL)                                                    
DC                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
HI                         X(NL)                                                    
ID                         X(NL)                                                    
IL                         X(NL)                                                    
IA                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
KS                         X(I)                                                     
KY                         X(NL)                                                    
LA                         X(NL)                                                    
ME                         X(NL)                                                    
MD                         X(NL)                                                    
MA                         X(NL)                                                    
MI                         X(NL)                                                    
MN                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
MS                         X(NL)                                                    
MO                         X(NL)                                                    
MT                         X(NL)                                                    
NE                         X(NL)                                                    
NV                         X(NL)                                                    
NJ                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
NM                         X(NL)                                                    
NY                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
NC                         X(NL)                                                    
ND                         X(NL)                                                    
OH                         X(NL)                                                    
OR                         X(NL)                 X(SOC)                             
PA                         X(NL)                                                    
RI                         X(NL)                                                    
SC                         X(NL)                                                    
SD                         X(I)                                                     
TN                         X(I)                                            X(I)     
TX                         X(NL)                                                    
UT                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
VT                         X(NL)       X(SWP)    X(LU)                              
VA                         X(NL)                                                    
WA                         X(NL)       X(SWP)                                       
WI                         X(I)        X(I)      X(I)                               
WY                         X(NL)                                                    
Total: 1         1          44          11        5           1             1       

    Moorehead     Nader     Peron     Perot     Phillips     Templin     White       
AL                                    X(I)        X(I)                               
AK                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(UST)                             
AZ                                    X(REF)                                         
AR    X(WW)       X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(UST)                             
CA                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(AIP)                             
CO    X(WW)       X(GRC)              X(REF)      X(ACP)      X(AM)                  
CT                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(CNC)                             
DE                                    X(I)        X(UST)                             
DC                X(GRN)              X(REF)                                         
FL                                    X(REF)                                         
GA                                    X(REF)                                         
HI                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(TXP)                             
ID                                    X(REF)      X(UST)                             
IL                                    X(REF)      X(UST)                             
IN                                    X(REF)                                         
IA                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(UST)                             
KS                                    X(REF)      X(I)                               
KY                                    X(REF)      X(TXP)                             
LA    X(WW)       X(LEC)              X(REF)      X(TXP)                             
ME                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(TXP)                             
MD                                    X(REF)      X(TXP)                             
MA    X(WW)                           X(REF)                                         
MI    X(WW)                           X(REF)                               X(SEP)    
MN                X(GMN)    X(GRT)    X(REF)      X(UST)                   X(SEP)    
MS                                    X(I)        X(MTX)                             
MO                                    X(REF)      X(UST)                             
MT                                    X(REF)                                         
NE                                    X(REF)      X(I)                               
NV                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(IAP)                             
NH                                    X(REF)      X(NTX)                             
NJ    X(WW)       X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(UST)                   X(SEP)    
NM                X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(TXP)                             
NY    X(WW)       X(GRN)              X(IP)       X(RTL)                             
NC                                    X(REF)                                         
ND                                    X(REF)      X(I)                               
OH    X(I)                            X(REF)      X(I)                               
OK                                    X(REF)                                         
OR                X(PAC)              X(REF)      X(UST)                             
PA                                    X(REF)      X(CST)                             
RI    X(WW)       X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(UST)                             
SC                                    X(REF/PAT)  X(UST)                             
SD                                    X(I)        X(I)                               
TN                X(I)                X(I)        X(I)                               
TX                                    X(I)        X(UST)                             
UT    X(WW)       X(GRN)              X(REF)      X(UST)      X(IAP)                 
VT                X(GCN)    X(GRT)    X(REF)      X(UST)                             
VA                                    X(VR)       X(VTX)                             
WA    X(WW)       X(I)                X(REF)      X(UST)                             
WV                                    X(REF)                                         
WI    X(I)        X(I)                X(REF)      X(UST)                             
WY                                    X(I)                                           
Total: 12          22         2        51          39          2            3        


ACP    = American Constitution Party               
AF     = America First Party                       
AIP    = American Independent Party                
AM     = American Party                            
ATX    = Arkansas Taxpayers Party                  
C      = Conservative Party                        
CNC    = Concerned Citizens                        
CP     = Colorado Prohibition Party                
CST    = Constitutional                            
D      = Democratic Party                          
DFL    = Democratic-Farm-Labor Party               
FRE    = Freedom Party                             
GCN    = Green Coalition                           
GMN    = Green Party Minnesota                     
GRC    = Green Party of Colorado                   
GRN    = Green Party                               
GRT    = Grassroots Party                          
I      = Independent                               
IAP    = Independent American Party                
IDP    = Independence Party                        
IGR    = Independent Grassroots                    
L      = Liberal Party                             
LB     = Looking Back Party                        
LBT    = Libertarian Party                         
LEC    = Liberty, Ecology & Community              
LU     = Liberty Union Party                       
MTX    = Mississippi Taxpayers Party               
NL     = Natural Law Party                         
NTX    = New Hampshire Taxpayers                   
P      = Prohibition Party                         
PAC    = Pacific                                   
PAT    = Patriot Party                             
PFP    = Peace & Freedom Party                     
R      = Republican Party                          
REF    = Reform Party                              
RTL    = Right to Life                             
SAR    = Socialist Party of Arkansas               
SEP    = Socialist Equality Party                  
SOC    = Socialist Party, USA                      
SWC    = Socialist Workers Campaign                
SWP    = Socialist Workers Party                   
TXP    = Taxpayers Party                           
UIP    = Unaffiliated Independent Party            
UST    = U.S. Taxpayers Party                      
VR     = Virginia Reform Party                     
VTX    = Virginia Taxpayers Party                  
WW     = Workers World Party                       


John Birrenbach                           Mary Cal Hollis                                
1503 Branston Street                      500 Sugar Loaf Road                            
St. Paul, MN  55108                       Boulder, CO  80302                             

Harry Browne                              Isabell Masters, Ph.D.                         
Harry Browne for President, Inc.          Dr. Isabell Masters-Looking Back Committee     
Suite 100                                 242 Wrena Drive                                
2600 Virginia Avenue, N.W.                West Palm Beach, FL  33409                     
Washington, D.C.  20037                                                                  
                                          Steve Michael                                  
Bill Clinton                              Steve Michael Presidential                     
Clinton/Gore '96 General Committee           Campaign Committee                          
2100 M Street, N.W.                       25 U Street, N.W.                              
Washington, D.C.  20036                   Washington, D.C.  20001                        

Charles Collins                           Monica Moorehead                               
Charles E. Collins Election               Workers World Party Presidential               
   Committee for 1996                        Campaign Committee (Moorehead)              
10279 Front Beach Road, Suite #2          55 West 17th Street, 5th Floor                 
Panama City Beach, FL  32407              New York, NY  10011                            

A. Peter Crane                            Ralph Nader                                    
5243 Springhouse Lane                     P.O. Box 19367                                 
Murray, UT  84107                         Washington, D.C.  20036                        

Earl F. Dodge                             Dennis Peron                                   
10105 West 17th Place                     4135 41st Avenue South                         
Lakewood, CO  80215                       Minneapolis, MN  55406                         

Robert Dole                               Ross Perot                                     
Dole/Kemp '96, Inc.                       Perot '96                                      
P.O. Box 77658                            7616 LBJ Freeway, Suite 727                    
Washington, D.C.  20013                   Dallas, TX  75251                              

Marsha Feinland                           Howard Phillips                                
1801 A Cedar Street                       Howard Phillips 1996 Campaign Committee        
Berkeley, CA  94707                       9520 Bent Creek Lane                           
                                          Vienna, VA  22182                              
Justice Ralph Forbes                                                                     
Box 88                                    Diane Beall Templin                            
London, AR  72847                         Diane Beall Templin for President              
                                          1016 Circle Drive                              
John Hagelin                              Escondido, CA  92025                           
Dr. John Hagelin for President 1996                                                      
51 West Washington                        Jerome White                                   
Fairfield, IA  52556                      15700 Providence Drive                         
                                          Southfield, MI  48075                          
James Harris                                                                             
342 B Mathews Avenue                                                                     
Atlanta, GA  30307                                                                       

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